The amazing visual tool that enables
almost anyone to understand
the fundamentals of music and
create their own songs & compositions
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Why MusicWheels®?

There are literally millions of people of all ages in this world

who could play music and even create their own songs

if only there was an easier way to understand it.


Creating songs on your own or in collaboration

with others is one of life's most fulfilling experiences,

even more so if you didn't think you'd ever be able to do it.


When I invented MusicWheels®, it was like I had opened Pandora's box.

It has given me a very visual way of understanding how chords, keys and scales work,

enabling me to fulfill my desires to create my own songs and progressions.


Let MusicWheels® help you unlock your creativity.

You will not believe how easy it is!

Duncan Betts, Inventor of MusicWheels®

Matt H

A powerful and engaging tool.

As a guitar player of 13 years who has been through a variety of educational programmes, I can say that this is the easiest and most engaging way to learn the fundamentals of music theory. I would encourage all aspiring musicians to pick up MusicWheels and unlock your musical potential.